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La despensa del Granaino

The Pantry of the Granaíno

100% Acorn-fed Iberian Ham (G)... Ration 26 / Half Ration 16
Bull Ham (Salted Tuna Belly) (P) Ration 18 / Half Ration 11
Tomato from Elche with Capellán (P)... Ration 12 / Half Ration 8
Elche Tomato with Salted Fish (P)... Ration 17
Pipes and Carasses (roasted capelin and fried ñoras) (P)... Ration 13 / Half Ration 9
Dried Octopus over the flame (100 gr.) (P, CR, MO)... 18
Tuna, Roe and Mojama (P)... Ration 18 / Half Ration 12
Anchovies Lolín 00 (ud.) (P)... 4,5

Selection of artisan cheeses... 9,5

Anchovies in Pedro's vinegar (P)... 12

The Lonja de Santa Pola

La Lonja de Santa Pola

Shrimp (100 gr.) (CR)... 16
Red Prawn (100 gr.) (CR)... 22
White Prawn (100 gr.) (CR)... 14

Squid from Squid (eg 500 gr.) (MO, L) ... 40
Oyster Guillardeau nº 3 (unit) (MO)... 4,5

Grilled oyster with Iberian Ham Pil Pil (ud.) (MO)... 5
Caviar Per-Sé Baerii Iranian Style (30 gr.) (P)... 50

We share...?


Roasted Tomato over Firewood, Anchovies and Smoked Cream Cheese (ud.) (P,L)... 4
"El Granaíno" Lobster Salad (CR, H, L)... Ration 21 / Half Ration 14
Red shrimp carpaccio and Korean miso marinade (CR,GL,S,P)... 18
Red Tuna Tartare with Granada Mollar from Elche (P, SJ, GS, G)... 23
Torreznos de Manitas and Papada (G)... Ration 15 / Half Portion 9.5
Prawn croquette with garlic (G, CR, H, L, FC)... 2.75
100% Iberian ham croquette (G, H, L, FC)... 2.75
Sautéed squid with seasonal vegetables (MO)... Ration 18 / Half Ration 11
Cod fritters with grandmother Estebana's tomato sauce (G,H,P,L)... Ration 11
La Vera potatoes with a veil of Iberian dewlap (H)... Ration 16,5 / Half Ration 10
Fried eggs with lace and whitebaits (H, G, P)... Ration 17 / Half Ration 12

Grilled foie scallop with roasted aubergine and artichoke chips (G)... 12

A Fuego Lento

To simmer

Creamy Red Mullet Rice with cuttlefish and white shrimp (P, CR, A)... 20
Rice with Crust (H, A)... 17
Lean rice and vegetables (A)... 17
Rabbit meatballs in pepitoria with seasonal mushrooms (FC, G, H, L, SJ) ... 17
Stewed Oxtail with Amontillado (A)... Ration 19
Stewed Pig's Trotters in their own sauce... Ration 17 / Half Ration 12
Tripe with Chickpeas, the usual and as always... Ration 17 / Half Ration 11

Gazpacho from Manchego with rabbit and snails (MO)... 16,5

Loaf of artisan bread and butter... 4,2

To end

Al Negro Carbón

Fried cod with tomato and peppers (G, P)... 19 
Turbot, Mushroom and Truffle Sauce (grilled) (P, SJ)... 22
Low temperature suckling pig with aubergine and grilled heart... 21

Steak tartare (H, M, P)... 25
Pluma of Iberian Pork and Violet Potato Parmentier (grilled)... 21,5
*Grilled Beef Tenderloin... 25
Grilled matured beef tenderloin with mole sauce and spiced sweet potato (S, A)... 22

National Wagyu entrecote (ex. 600gr.)... 54

Don't forget to ask about our seasonal product, our kitchen has traveled through large markets in order to find the most noble product. The suggestions of our chefs are part of the essence of our restaurant.

*all our dishes are accompanied by French fries or our fresh salad





Hot chocolate soufflé (15 min.) (G, H, L)... 7
Fried milk with nougat ice cream and orange shavings (G, H, L, FC)... 7.5
Baked goat cheese cake (G, H, L)... 7
Hot apple pie with shortbread ice cream (15 min.) (G, H, L, FC)... 7.5
Piononos with coffee ice cream (G, H, L, FC)... 7
Rice pudding (G, H, L, FC)... 7
Tangerine and lemon sorbet (H)... 5
Cheese ice cream with raspberry (G, L)... 5
Capuchin cake (H)... 6
Hot chocolate soufflé (15 min.) (GLUTEN FREE) (H, L)... 8
Date Ice Cream (H, L, FC).... 7

Selection of artisan cheeses... 9.5

Spoonful of Per Sé caviar with a shot of very cold vodka (P)... 11


Fondillon Brotons Rva. 1964 (cup) Monastrell... 9
Casta Diva Harvest Honey (glass) Moscatel... 5
Casta Diva Recondita Harmony (glass) Monastrell... 5.65
Tokaji Aszú Oremus 5 Puttonyos 2013 (cup) Tokaj... 11

Tokaji Late Harvest 2019.... 5

Noctiluca 2019, Muscat of Axarquía ... 6


Cocktail bar

Herbero Mojito (herbero, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup, 7Up and cinnamon)... 8
MojitoTraditional, Mango or Passion Fruit... 8
Dark and stormy (Kraken rum, lemon juice, ginger beer, ginger)... 8.5
Moscow Mule (Ketel One vodka, ginger beer, lemon juice and cinnamon)... 8
Smoked Margarita(Tequila, lemon juice, Cointreau and Mezcal)... 9
Coffee Martini(Espresso Coffee, Tía María, Vodka)... 8
Passion Sour (Gin, Orange and Lemon Juice, Passion Fruit and Red Fruits)... 8

(*) If you are allergic, don't worry! Here we inform you of all the allergens that you can find in our dishes. However, ask our team if we can adapt your choice. Enjoy your experience!
A-Celery/AL-Lupins/C-Peanuts/FC-Nuts/Gluten GS-Sesame Seeds/H-Egg/L-Dairy/M-Mustard/MO Mollusks/CR-Crustaceans P-Fish/SJ -Soy * All our dishes may contain sulphites


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